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With Friends Like Technology, Who Needs Enemies?

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I recently purchased an upgraded office computer, as the one I had was rather old. I understand I am supposed to do that. I don’t really know why as my old one was working fine. The new one is still sitting in the box.

I now have to upgrade my software, see what is compatible, clean out the old saved items that at the time seemed important and perhaps purchase other hardware to “accessorize” my new computer. I am not doing that now, as I am feeding my website by blogging.

I had to stop blogging as my office phone was ringing at the same time my cell was. While on the phone, I checked my e-mail and saw that my unread e-mails were accumulating rapidly. Perhaps I can read them as I listen to my phone messages.

However, I have a growing pile of received faxes that supposedly need my attention. I still need to respond to a text from one of my children and I am concerned that I have not embraced tweeting, but my facebook page keeps distracting me from it.

I am suddenly very tired of all of this helpful technology.

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