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The Contrarian

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It has been a difficult time for business and especially so for small business. Many saw this prolonged downturn coming and prepared by cutting expenses, limiting purchases and increasing cash reserves. However, the depth and breadth of this downturn has made it impossible for many businesses, even well run, sound ones, to survive.
Just as good stock investing strategy is to buy when “they” are selling and “sell” when they are buying, so also is this a strategy in business. Or, in less polite terms, there is blood in the water. If your business has been slow for awhile and it has been hard to stay in the black, you are probably wondering how your less well run competitor is staying afloat. The simple answer is that he probably is not. Now is the time to make him an offer. You will buy him out for a little down, assume his trade debt and have him carry the note. When this passes, and it will pass, make sure you are in the best position to capitalize on backlogged demand with less competition.

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