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Its why they call it WORK

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I have lost count of the number of recent articles I have seen relating a theft in the workplace by an employee, typically one who had access to the company funds. It is usually a “trusted employee” or one who had worked there for many years. The problem for a small business is that the vast majority of small business owners do not want to deal with the accounting aspect of the business. They went into business because they are plumbers, or contractors, or truck drivers and not because they wanted to be bookkeepers. So, as important as the money is, even in relatively large businesses, this aspect is all but ignored. And the people being ignored eventually figure that part out.
What to do? Well, first, consider a regular audit by an outside agent or firm. Just the knowledge that one is coming will cause most people to think twice before “borrowing” from the till. Second, never have just one employee handling all of the financial aspects of the business. Third, force yourself to do the work! Take a regular look at the bank statement, sign all of the checks yourself, close some of those little used credit accounts, and study your financial statements on both income and expenses. It may not be the part you like to do, but, again, that is why they call it work.

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