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I’m Still Here

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As the web culture matures, we gain the opportunity through extended hindsight to see for ourselves what predictions were accurate and which were not so much. For myself, while I spent a little time posting my thoughts on various legal topics several years ago, I kind of ran out of things I wanted to put out there. And so, my posting has gone dormant. But, at the same time, I have not seen the tidal wave of reasons to post that I was “told” would be forthcoming. I am sure these are there for some people, and surely many more people do post, but it seems the actual flowering of this seed has been underwhelming from this little corner of the world. So, I throw this out onto the webwinds. Perhaps before it blossomed, it was overrun by more recent technology such as Twitter. Perhaps the sheer volume of those that did, and do, post, has satisfied what ever appetite was out there. Maybe, in 10 or so more years, hindsight will reveal that answer as well.

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