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General Business

Should we incorporate? Is there anything in this lease that will be a problem for us? What agreement should we have our customers sign? What do we do when a customer refuses to pay us? I don’t understand what these people are trying to do! These are common questions asked by business owners.

At some point in your business life, you will need the advice of an attorney. It is our hope that you will seek that advice before your question becomes a problem. Ultimately, it is more cost effective to properly draft a legal contract than to litigate a contract that is poorly written.

From organizing your business to financing options, lease agreements, real estate purchases, licenses, contracts, collections, personnel matters and government regulatory compliance, “going it alone” is like navigating a minefield. The first time to meet with an attorney should not be when you are drowning in problems.

Our law firm is also a small business. We face the same issues as other small businesses. You can be the best plumber in town, or sell the best computers, but if you don’t pay attention to the “business” of your business, you won’t be one of the last ones standing. And that certainly includes your legal business.