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Contingent Fee Cases

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I don’t work on a contingent fee basis, which means take a percentage of the recovery obtained for the client. It is legal to be paid that way and in some instances, the only way a client can afford representation. In some types of cases, types that I do not typically do, it is almost the only way to get the attorney paid. I certainly don’t oppose them.
HOWEVER, far too often, I seem to see situations where the client perhaps should have had an attorney assist them in deciding whether contingent fee was right for them and, more importantly, the terms of that arrangement. Suppose, for example, you have already been offered a certain sum of money. Do you really want to give an attorney a third to a half of that guaranteed amount to perhaps obtain more? What if you end up with less? Perhaps the attorney should have agreed to take a percentage only if the recovery was over a certain amount.
Let’s face it; when you enter into negotations with an attorney for how much he or she is going to charge you, at that moment, they are not representing your best interests, but theirs.

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