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Starting a Business

The Business of Business

I read a newspaper article recently that discussed several local restaurant closings with the comment that the town was hard on new restaurants. While that may be so, I would suggest another explanation; doing business is hard on businesses, especially new ones. While you may be able to cook a mean hamburger, or you may […]

I want to be a corporation!

In my law practice, I give advice to many people who are starting their own businesses and the question that comes up most often is whether they should form a corporation. While it is a good question to always ask, my answer often is “no”, which is too bad as “yes” would make me more […]

You Can Be Your Own Lawyer, Sometimes…

With the advent of legal forms available from various internet sites, many people have decided that they can be their own lawyer. There is an old adage in legal circles that anyone who represents himself has a fool for a client. True to that statement, I have made a lot of money correcting people’s mistakes […]