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Small Business News

Its why they call it WORK

I have lost count of the number of recent articles I have seen relating a theft in the workplace by an employee, typically one who had access to the company funds. It is usually a “trusted employee” or one who had worked there for many years. The problem for a small business is that the […]

The Contrarian

It has been a difficult time for business and especially so for small business. Many saw this prolonged downturn coming and prepared by cutting expenses, limiting purchases and increasing cash reserves. However, the depth and breadth of this downturn has made it impossible for many businesses, even well run, sound ones, to survive. Just as […]

Isn’t This Gambling?

The State of Texas has now brought us the Donate Zone Charitable Sweepstakes Kiosk! The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (for some bizarre reason) is now authorizing what are essentially eight-liner machines to be placed in any business that meets the qualifications for the pleasure of the citizens of our state. The very small pay-out limit […]

Knock, knock. It’s the FTC

Are you a Creditor? You need to know the answer to that question before someone from the FTC asks you. If you loan money, make car loans, etc., you are a creditor and are now a part of the government’s identity theft police. You, as a business owner, are required, not requested, required, to set […]

What’s a poor boy to do?

With the wave of new legislation coming now in huge bills that few people get to read until after they are passed, we inevitably get the later, quieter, revisions to parts of those bills to “correct” the oversights that did not get discovered until after passage. If you are in business, what do you do […]

With Friends Like Technology, Who Needs Enemies?

I recently purchased an upgraded office computer, as the one I had was rather old. I understand I am supposed to do that. I don’t really know why as my old one was working fine. The new one is still sitting in the box. I now have to upgrade my software, see what is compatible, […]

The Business of Business

I read a newspaper article recently that discussed several local restaurant closings with the comment that the town was hard on new restaurants. While that may be so, I would suggest another explanation; doing business is hard on businesses, especially new ones. While you may be able to cook a mean hamburger, or you may […]

I want to be a corporation!

In my law practice, I give advice to many people who are starting their own businesses and the question that comes up most often is whether they should form a corporation. While it is a good question to always ask, my answer often is “no”, which is too bad as “yes” would make me more […]

Convenience Stores

The next time you stop in your local C-store for a soda and a lottery ticket, give some thought to the fact that it is in one of the most government regulated businesses in today’s marketplace. Almost all of the many services available there are licensed, inspected and regulated by at least one of our […]