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Being Your Own Lawyer

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I had mentioned in an earlier post about the problems people can encounter in preparing their own legal documents. While forms are easily obtained, and do-it-yourself legal software is plentiful, it is what you don’t know that will get you. Just recently, I have dealt with several of these misguided attempts.

There was the deed to the church, except that the church legally does not exist, it is just a name they use. So, who is authorized to sign for the “church”? Or, the instance where they put the church in the pastor’s name – and he died. His wife and children now own the church.

I saw a Will recently that did not actually name any heirs. A contract to sell real estate was used as if it actually transferred title when it only set out what was to be done before title was transferred; so, the property wasn’t actually sold. And the examples go on and on.

Utilize forms at your own risk – which would be the warning that an attorney would have given you, if you had consulted one!

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